Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Boyfriend in the hotel strip, the resistance to French Tourists

KUALA LUMPUR, THURSDAY - A French tourist has been arrested because of the unreasonable girlfriend, Malaysia origin.

The New Straits Times, Wednesday (11 / 2), reported, French tourists (49) and girlfriend (46) is involved in a fracas in a hotel in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu State, on Monday (9 / 2).

Police had called to compose this pair wrangle that lasted until late at night. After separate police, she was willing to return home.

However, it may not yet satisfied, he then returned to the hotel and also squabbling again. Not explained what altercate. The issue finally in police detention on the French tourists after the hotel staff to get the woman naked in the hotel corridor.

Apparently, the new French men three months this force throw all garments, and then pushing out the door and lock the room.

Women who are naked, it can not do much other than hiding in a corner of the hotel corridor to the hotel to find it carries ago for clothing and blankets.

Detailed not the man who will be the name of the alleged crime and intimidation demean women, who also was not detail name.


dan said...

danny blueme posted: 12-02-2009 | 9:26 AM
It IS news, all over the world now, but read between the lines, it was not his girlfriend, it was a hooker.......the newspaper never tell the truth on these cases until word leaks out later. Watch. this was a contretemps between a tourist and a hooker. simple as that.

ghostinhouse2 said...

hy danny, you may be correct, but you know now that the world is ridiculous. Not that it is impossible to do if it is her boy friend. This event not only happened once