Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pig flu pandemic Global approach

WASHINGTON, - World Health Organization (WHO) based in Geneva standby to increase the level of swine flu that spread quickly to the highest level of advanced. Increase level of standby this hint the possibility of swine flu in the verge of a global pandemic.

Step is applied by the WHO after the swine flu virus spread among the coast to about 10 states in the U.S. to the remote region Europe. "This really shows the pandemic threat," said WHO Director General Margaret Chan.

"Currently we do not have any details about the threat, but we are to collect," said Margaret Chan. WHO sure, there are cases of swine flu in Mexico, U.S., Canada, UK, Israel, New Zealand, and Spain.

In the United States, President Barack Obama has delivered the statement avenge the death in the first case of swine flu in the U.S.. A baby Mexican men aged 23 months that follow the journey of his family in Texas can not survive after the flu infected pigs.

So far, the case of swine flu in the U.S. reached almost 100. Obama rate, steps need to be to extend the closing of learning activities in a number of schools.

Meanwhile, 159 people have died in Mexico, the origin of the spread of swine flu. Nearly 2500 people are reported have a swine flu

Al-Aqsa mosque bestead 50 synagogue

Amman, - An official report from the Palestine issued on Tuesday (28 / 4) by the Heritage and Waqaf Al Aqsha revealed that more than 50 synagogue (Jewish place of worship) has been established in recent years around the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Some synagogue will be built again, the biggest will Tankaseyah established in schools, part of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Reports submitted to the UN Office in Amman, Jordan, is that the government of Israel has approved development plans and provide the synagogue fund 40 million U.S. dollars for the purpose.

Synagogue near Al Aqsa Mosque with a dome decorated large built deliberately to disrupt and impede the dome of the MosqueUmar (Mosque Dome of the Rock). The report also states, synagogue is located under the Al Aqsa Mosque. In the meantime, a tunnel dug by the ruler of Israel and the Jewish synagogue in addition to large-sized building 1000 square meters which will be built in the field Bouraq (Wall Lamentations).

In addition, there are plans to build a synagogue in the Tower Al Laqlaq, the region that includes the Al Aqsa Mosque in the north east. Synagogue that was built right on the planned Al-Bouraq Field will be used as a center of teaching the Torah and other plans for the synagogue Burj Al-Laqlaq area includes the Al Aqsa Mosque to the north east.

The Government of Israel is also planning to build as many as 35 homes, 1sinagoga, 1000, and new Jewish settlements in the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Choosing Health Insurance

Prepare the umbrella before it rains. That is the expression of the right planning when we have matured in the worst possible anticipate including in the case of health care financing. At the time of the complex completely, have health insurance seems more important considering the cost of care and treatment more expensive and unpredictable.

However, selecting the right insurance is also not less important that you will not soon be injured. Well, here is a brief explanation in Dr. Samsuridjal Djauzi rubric health consultation that was published daily Kompas, Sunday (22 / 6). Dr. Samsuridjal express views on any matter that needs to be before choosing a health insurance:


I-law aged 61 years traffic accident and need to undergo brain surgery. Fortunately the operation is running well and he is healthy again.

However, he was forced to deplete savings he collected for many years because of hospital costs up to Rp 20 million. I can not imagine if he did not have savings, how will the difficulties faced.

I was married a year ago. Although our new family, we plan to become the customer's health insurance. We feel the cost of health care older adults is increasingly more expensive and costs can not be suspected. We have to insure the car, because it rightly, we are also entering health insurance. Health is not the grace of God that is very valuable that needs to be well?

It is long enough we enter a health insurance plan and we have contacted several companies. However, we still have difficulties in choosing health insurance is. We took care as we select the wrong worry. From the funds we have any leeway. My wife works and so have a broad fund to pay insurance premiums.

Our careful, especially after hearing many complaints that the insurance disappointed with the health insurance services in Indonesia. Some even choose our friends sign in on the foreign health insurance considerations more trustworthy and more extensive coverage of services. It seems the health insurance services in Indonesia doubts. What is promised is not in accordance with the services provided.

He said, at the time of the insurance policy offers all easy to describe. If the client was sick enough to think the pain and the insurance company will settle all costs. In the implementation, there are many exceptions that must be observed.

As a doctor who often serves patients who have health insurance, whether the doctor can recommend an insurance company good health? What must be considered before choosing a health insurance? Doctors need our advice because I am the financial sector, while the wife of the architect. Thus, the less we understand the health insurance. Thank you for the explanation doctor.

M in A


Intention and your spouse have health insurance is good. One of the problems in our health services are health care financing. About 70 percent of Indonesia to pay the cost of their own doctor or hospital, while health costs continue to increase. The more sophisticated medical technology, the more expensive health costs.

Increased cost of health not only happen in Indonesia, but throughout the world. Factors that increase the cost price is a medication, medical equipment, doctor and royalty, although the actual element honorarium doctor only a small part of the cost of health care overall.

Although we have been maintaining the health care, the disease can come unexpectedly. Traffic accidents as in your law, for example, are events that are often experienced by families in Indonesia, even approximately 30,000 people die each year due to traffic accidents. So, it's still wise if Indonesia familiarize families protect themselves with health insurance.

With regular pay, if the sickness will be assisted so that health insurance is not to burden the family. We often see the family that should be much to pay for the hospital.

In fact, according to my experience, these health insurance in Indonesia is quite good. Support health insurance will depend on the agreement between the customer and the insurance company. The greater the premium paid the full support of insurance.

Therefore, you need to find support for health insurance coverage before choosing a health insurance. Whether the scope of services includes outpatient and Inpatient? Is there a particular disease does not guarantee that an insurance company?

Also needs to place a service. You can choose whether a doctor or hospital you want, or be limited to hospitals that have been appointed? All must be considered, including the effective start when the warranty valid. For example, there is a new health insurance guarantee start after 30 days after signing the agreement.

Service health insurance now is very varied. In addition to offering financial security when sick, have a combinate with certain services, such as the premium paid will be applied as part of the savings or investment.

Certainly, this attractive offer, but usually offered insurance premiums will also be larger. In addition, the fact that they participate in the insurance program will receive a young age some ease, for example, is not necessary health checks and also need to remember that insurance premiums will increase with increasing age of the customer. So, go on a health insurance young age.

Although later family you are already a customer's health insurance, healthy patterns of life must remain a worked. Certainly better than ill health although costs by health insurance. So, do not leave even though healthy lifestyle has become the customer's health insurance.

I understand the challenges faced by young families Indonesia today. I feel joyful place your family's health as important elements that need attention. Nah, I hope you a family will healthy and happy always

AIG as "Hedge Fund"

WASHINGTON, Wednesday - Central Bank Governor Ben Bernanke said the U.S., insurance giant AIG because kolaps operate as Hedge Fund and violate the rules. The Company has injected funds, but continued loss. U.S. Government does not have a choice other than to help AIG.

Bernanke expressed in the statement of opinion with the members of the U.S. Senate Budget Committee in Washington, Wednesday (4 / 3). Bernanke speech to the angry tone.

"There is one episode during the last 18 months that makes me most angry, that is the case of AIG (American International Group). AIG exploit the weakness and lack of regulatory supervision. Basically, AIG became Hedge fund with an insurance company umbrella. There are a lot of transactions or the "savings" that can not be answered and eventually lose the jumbo, "said Bernanke.

U.S. Government assistance back a 30 billion U.S. dollars to AIG to prevent bankruptcy. This is the additional funds outside of 150 billion U.S. dollars which have been given.

Hedge fund is a designation for a number of funds owned by some rich people. The fund managers managed to get a commission from the customer, in the case of loss or happiness.

With 180 billion fund to get U.S. dollars, 80 percent of AIG shares now owned by the government. However, the Chairman of the Main and Executive (CEO) Edward Liddy states AIG afford to pay the debt the U.S. government via the U.S. Central Bank.

"Gambling" or speculative action is limited to insurance companies. Insurance company is a guarantor risk. Therefore, action must avoid speculative.

GDP equivalent Kuwait

According to Thomson Reuters, AIG has a net loss during the year 2008 of 99.3 billion U.S. dollars. The loss was almost the same as the gross domestic product (GDP) Kuwait.

In the fourth quarter 2008 (the period October-December), AIG loss of 465,000 U.S. dollars per minute. Reuters news agency dub it as "terrible bleeding (bleeding, blood loss), the statement quoted Warren Simpson, Executive Director of Stephens Capital Management in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

Losses occur because of AIG readiness guarantee bonds worth hundreds of billions of U.S. dollars through a product called credit default Swaps (CDS). This has lasted for a decade. AIG to provide insurance to buyers of bonds a number of companies, including Lehman Brothers. Lehman Brothers bankruptcy to make a number of publishers failed to pay the bonds because the domino effect. The buyer then bond bill to AIG.

This is the fruit of action the previous two-AIG CEO, Maurice Hank Greenberg namely, which is then replaced Martin Sulivan.

Bernanke said, should be done in order to rescue AIG collapse domino does not impact to the economy as a whole. Bernanke said, is a step-saving AIG is better rather than let go bankrupt. "We realize, bankruptcy corporate giants is very harmful to the economy (too big to fail). We have no option other than to save AIG, "said Bernanke. (AP / AFP / Reuters / joe)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Boyfriend in the hotel strip, the resistance to French Tourists

KUALA LUMPUR, THURSDAY - A French tourist has been arrested because of the unreasonable girlfriend, Malaysia origin.

The New Straits Times, Wednesday (11 / 2), reported, French tourists (49) and girlfriend (46) is involved in a fracas in a hotel in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu State, on Monday (9 / 2).

Police had called to compose this pair wrangle that lasted until late at night. After separate police, she was willing to return home.

However, it may not yet satisfied, he then returned to the hotel and also squabbling again. Not explained what altercate. The issue finally in police detention on the French tourists after the hotel staff to get the woman naked in the hotel corridor.

Apparently, the new French men three months this force throw all garments, and then pushing out the door and lock the room.

Women who are naked, it can not do much other than hiding in a corner of the hotel corridor to the hotel to find it carries ago for clothing and blankets.

Detailed not the man who will be the name of the alleged crime and intimidation demean women, who also was not detail name.

President Chavez Business foil coup d'etat

Caracas, Venezuela THURSDAY-President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday (11 / 2) the local time of the coup d'etat was to disassemble, but the government successfully failed.

Chavez mentioned, the perpetrators of a coup d'etat is in contact with a soldier who fled to the U.S..

"We have been holding a number of active soldiers who make contact with a soldier who fled to the U.S. ... and send a message of what is called the 'operation of independence'," Chavez said in an interview in a government television station.

"They tried to infiltrate Miraflores presidential palace, and send a message to the military unit that served in a number of countries ruled by the opposition," Chavez said without saying how many people have been arrested.

He said the military officer who received the message and the plot was not immediately reported himself to the superiors they had been checked and imposed house arrest.

"We also seize several weapons attack: rocket launcher, grenade and rocket bomb C4 in Valencia, 100 km southeast Caracas, and other areas in western Venezuela," Chavez said.

Leaders said the government has the situation. "Countries must remain calm. The Government remains idle and protector of good and able to stop the action that is offensive," he added.

Business coup d'etat that uncovered a few days before the referendum, Sunday (15 / 2), the reform of the constitution that Chavez gained since 2007. New constitution is the time to pull out of tenure for the president and all elected officials, which will enable him to become president again selected for the three year term of office in 2013.

President of the very anti-United States is often accuse Washington planned overthrow him. The most recent in September, when he accuse the media and U.S. government support one business of his murder by the military active and retired army Venezuela. A number of those involved in that time.

Chavez on Wednesday, local time, they warn that trying to do a military rebellion in order to stop their intention. Because the government response will be very hard. "They will regret later," he said.

Israel Must meet international obligations

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RAMALLAH, WEST edge, WEDNESDAY - Government of Palestine, Wednesday (11 / 2), say, the Government of Israel should meet future obligations international resume peace negotiations. "Without regard of the form of government that will appear ... we have hope the same," said Salam Fayyad to Palestinian journalists.

"We think expectations of the international community (to Israel) will also be the same with us," he added.

Follow a course that Likud party led by Benjamin Netanyahu right and follow a course that Kadima Party, led by middle Tzipi Livni, both claim to win, Tuesday night, after the election results are tight. However, the block party right-wing parties seem to guarantee a majority, including Yisrael Beiteinu Party led by Avigdor Lieberman is the ranking of third place and anti-Arab.

Steps should be taken to end the occupation that began in 1967. "This means that the immediate implementation of the provisions and the important obligations that Israel accept the previous government," said Fayyad.

He mentions that the ksepakatan freezing Jewish settlements in all areas of Israel duduki 1967, back to positions before the action of Palestinian resistance carried out in 2000, and revoked the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian government led by President Mahmud Abbas support the U.S. received support from new U.S. government and the international community for the start of re-negotiations of peace negotiations with the aim of a Palestinian state is free.

However, the Likud and other right wing parties refused to meet most of the demand-Palestinian demands.

Palestinian complicated due to the position of sharp divisions between faksi Fatah leader Abbas and Hamas groups of the Gaza since 2007.

Israel unleash attack land, air, and sea for 22 days against Gaza on December 27 that killed more than 1,300 Palestinian citizens. However, Hamas remains in power, and negotiations have not started negotiations on forming a Palestinian unity government, which may pave the way for the return pemulaian peace negotiations with Israel.

Hamas is involved in separate negotiations with Israel through the Egyptian mediator, a mediator of the lasting cease-fire with Israel, redemption of the prisoners and the cancellation of the blockade of the coast.

Claims-claims that the group will remain the same of any future form of government in Israel. "Results-election results show the Zionis (Israel) tend toward the more extreme, evil, and more terrorism against the Palestinian people and they do not know the language of peace," said Hamas official in Gaza Mushiral Masri.

"It requires that our people and faksi-resistance faksi we unite and rely on the choice of resistance and jihad, which is the only option that can end the ekstremisme Israel," he said.